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Born Free USA Gives You the Tools
To Learn, Act

Easy-To-Use Databases Track Exotic Animal, Non-Target Trapping Incidents

Year by year, state by state, species by species, Born Free USA's Exotic Animal Incidents Database presents the gritty details about more than 1,300 encounters between captive wildlife and humans in a way that keeps your research focused and saves you time. Our Non-Target Trapping Incidents Database is equally informative and efficient, allowing you to further pinpoint your searches by type of trap and, bracingly, whether the incident entailed injury or death. Try these databases now and we hope you will be impressed — perhaps enough to download one of our free widgets that can be placed on your blog or organization's website, giving your readers instant access to these unique data-gathering tools. Use these databases to back up a story, present local incidents to a legislator to help him or her support legislation, or just help inform the public of the dangers of trapping or keeping exotic animals in captivity.

  • Exotic Animal Incidents Database

    Wild animals belong in the wild — not in the confinement of circuses, zoos, people's backyards or apartments. Kept in captivity, wild and exotic animals are not able to perform their natural behaviors and many literally go insane, suffering psychological and physical deprivation. Humans are at equal risk as a result of escapes, bites or other forms of attack. Here you will find an interactive database of attacks on humans, attacks on other animals, and escapes by exotic animals in the United States that Born Free USA has tracked since 1990.

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  • Non-Target Trapping Incidents Database

    "Livestock protection," "fur fashion," "wildlife management" — these and other misguided, unenlightened and, at their core, lazy and fear-based phrases swirl about the practice of trapping. Millions of animals are trapped each year, causing untold suffering and death for many of the creatures, not all of whom were targeted by the trappers. Dogs, cats, endangered species and even humans can be caught in leg-hold traps, snare traps or traps designed to crush and kill. Born Free USA's newest interactive database details just a tiny fraction of such tragedies, and we encourage anyone who knows the specifics about other non-target trapping incidents to send us the details so we can add them to the database.

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