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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

A 12-year-old Student Performs So Elephants Don’t Have To!

Published 07/02/10
By Julia Davis, student – 12-year-old Guest Blogger

We had a community service assignment at my school. I wanted to do something fun and unique, and I knew I wanted to help animals. I love drawing, and I have always cared about animal welfare. (I've been a vegetarian since I was seven.) So I asked Born Free if I could make a brochure for them on animals in the circus.

It worked out well, because Born Free is working hard to end the use of elephants in the circus. We thought it would be good to write the brochure for kids around my age, because kids are caring and open to new ideas and information. I hope that kids can use the information in the brochure to educate other people about animal circuses.

When I did the brochure, I learned a lot about how differently animals in the circus live from how they live in the wild. I can safely say that after all I learned, I will never attend any form of animal circus.

Please order a copy — or a pack — of brochures to hand out at your school, to your friends, so that you too can help animals, like I did.

Blogging off,


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