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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Monkeys Love the Shade in Texas!

Published 06/11/10
By Tim Ajax, Sanctuary Director

Summer is really heating up here, in Dilley, TX. The average daytime temperature reaches in the high 90s with heat indexes frequently in the triple digits.  At the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, Baboons, Macaques and Vervets play in the water and linger in the trees of their enclosures, trying to stay cool.  More protection is needed, however, to guard the primates from the blistering summer sun.  In addition to helping the primates keep their cool, shade also lowers soil temperature, keeping evaporation down and allowing plants to grow. 

In the Spring 2010 issue of Born Free USA’s “Primate Post” (you receive the “Post” automatically when you adopt a primate) as well as in our Spring/Summer “Animal Issues Digest” (which you receive when you become a member), we announced that Ryan Newlin at Green House Megastore is offering a discounted rate plus free S&H for all shade sails purchased for the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.   

Long-time donor, Nancy Wall of El Paso, TX. heeded the call, and is helping “Shade a Monkey” by purchasing a shade sail through Ryan. Thank you, Nancy, for your dedication and compassion!  May you be a guide for other readers to help support residents of the primate Sanctuary through this long scorching summer.

To donate a shade sail to the Primate Sanctuary, please contact:

Ryan Newlin
Inside Sales

Ryan has all of the specifics about the shade sails the primates need.  Just call Ryan and mention the shade sail order is for the “Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary” and you will receive a 5%-7% discount off the purchase price plus free shipping and handling to the Sanctuary!

Thanks for considering helping us “Shade a Monkey”!

PS. Saturday is the last day to cast your vote for the newest member to the Born Free USA adopt a primate program (and you get a free prize too)!

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