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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

19 bears rescued in Vietnam; you can help save U.S. bears too!

Published 01/28/10
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

I was heartened to hear about the recent rescue of 19 bears from a bear bile farm in Vietnam.

Thankfully these bears will now be free of their tiny cages and painful catheters crudely inserted into their gallbladders to drain bile to be used in tonics and potions believed to be beneficial to human health. However herbal and synthetic remedies contain the same properties and are readily available making the use of bear bile completely unnecessary.

This rescue also made me think about our native bears who are slaughtered for this senseless trade.

Asian markets place a high value on the medicinal properties of bear gallbladder and the taste of bear paw.

Since many Asian bear species are imperiled, the market now depends on Russian, Canadian, and American bears. The high price paid for gallbladders and bear paws provides incentive for hunters to kill more bears. Since the gallbladder does not increase in size with age, cubs are worth as much as adult bears. There is no method for distinguishing the extracted bear body part of a poached bear from one killed with a permit. Many bears are poached as a result. The bear-parts trade poses a serious threat to bear populations worldwide.

Born Free USA is working to stop this trade by championing the The Bear Protection Act (H.R. 3480) which would prohibit import, export, or interstate commerce in bear gallbladders and bile, helping to end the senseless slaughter of American black bears for their body parts. While this bill has passed twice in the Senate previously, protection efforts have been thwarted by organizations such as the NRA and Safari Club.

You can help by writing your Representative and urging him or her to co-sponsor this bill.

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