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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

A girl can never have enough sustainable shoes

Published 12/22/09
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

If all you animal-friendly fashionistas out there thought finding stylish non-leather shoes was hard, just imagine what happens when you add “sustainable” to your shoe criteria list.

Before images of your feet wrapped in burlap have you running for the door, I’m here to tell you that fashionable sustainable shoes do exist and I've discovered a great little blog called EcoStilettothat has done all the searching for you.

What's better than cute sustainable shoes?

FREE sustainable shoes!

Each month in 2009, www.ecostiletto.com is giving away $500 in sustainable shoes ... and this is the last month to win!

Sign up for the free weekly newsletter at www.ecostiletto.com for details, or become a member and you're automatically entered to the shoe giveaway.

PLUS more than $100 in prizes each and every week — and they ship internationally.

EcoStiletto goes way beyond shoes in helping you get your green on.

With daily eco-Fashion, Beauty & Health, Living and EcoCelebrity updates, EcoStiletto is the smart and sexy secret to stiletto-sizing your carbon footprint.



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