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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Little Cats Helping Big Cats

Published 11/03/09
By Tracy Lesperance, Vice President of Development

Who among us is not completely and utterly entertained by the antics of our companion animals? I know in our household, our two companion cats, Timmy (a.k.a. Timothy Leary) and Kokopelli (a.k.a. Koko, Kokobean, Kokobeanhead, or Beanhead) regale us with their antics on the large cat tree in the living room or chasing any number of a dozen various toys around and under furniture throughout the house.

I’m often impressed by their continued ability to jump, run, slide, and chase at the ages of 14 and 12 respectfully. They may not do these things as long as they used to, but they certainly do them with the same crazy, feline abandon.

As the person at Born Free USA responsible for finding, developing, and nurturing all kinds of partnerships, I am also the person who “test drives” every one of them so that I, in turn, can feel good about promoting them to you, our supporters. That’s why I’m thrilled we are working with the folks at Scratch Lounge.

Despite having an awesome cat tree in our living room built by my husband, I had a feeling when I brought home the deceptively simple Scratch Lounge that the tree may be in for some competition. I was right. Koko immediately claimed the Lounge first, relaxing and stretching out as if she were queen for a day. Later, she proceeded to scratch, paw, and roll around before finally giving Timmy a turn. It is rarely unoccupied.

The Scratch Lounge allows cats to satisfy their need to nest while also providing them with multiple scratching surfaces. It’s made from 100% recyclable materials and its super dense construction means it will last much longer than other similar products.

When you purchase a Scratch Lounge through our site for your little cats, you’re helping big cats as $5 of each purchase is donated to Born Free USA to support our work protecting big cats and other wild animals.

Entertain your cat(s), who in turn entertains you, which in turn supports our work. Fabulous.

Blogging off,

Tracy (and Koko and Timmy)

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