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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Ever Seen a Two-Legged Dog?

Published 07/10/09
By Barbara Schmitz, Senior Program Associate

Andre’s story just gets more and more amazing. I’m dabbing the tears from my eyes as I write this blog.

Last year, I first heard of Andre after he was found roaming in Alaska — he captured a lot of attention because he was missing part of two of his four legs. Yep, you read correctly. Andre is now a two-legged dog, thanks to the incredible cruelty of a trapper using steel-jawed leghold traps.

Body-gripping traps, including leghold traps, are landmines. They snap shut on anyone or anything that triggers them. Trappers commonly saturate an area with multiple traps, so that if you are lucky enough to avoid or escape one trap you are almost certain to step in another. What a Machiavellian strategy. This means that, if you’re Andre, then two traps snap shut on you and grind off two of your legs instead of merely one leg.

But Andre had such a strong will to live that he survived despite his horrendous, gruesome injuries. He’s been cared for by a loving foster family and now will have prosthetics on his two missing legs to help him get around better. So Andre isn’t just a two-legged dog; he’s a two-legged dog with two prosthetic limbs.

It’s phenomenal to see him persevere and triumph over such unimaginable and unnecessary cruelty.

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