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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Invasion of the Bunny Sellers

Published 07/01/09
By Barbara Schmitz, Senior Program Associate

I drove past a city park last week and saw a truck parked on the street. In the back of the truck sat an 8-year-old girl holding a sign announcing, “Puppies for Sale.” Ugh! I’m very troubled about this burgeoning trend here in California.

In Los Angeles, baby bunnies, birds and turtles are being sold on street corners in the heavily traveled fashion district — in the heat, without food and water. They’re too young to be weaned and they die within days of being bought.

These are miserable places to sell animals. Street corners are meant to be used by pedestrians and vehicles, not by people making a profit on under-the-table sales of sick puppies, birds, and bunnies.

This whole situation is fraught with heartbreak. Heartbreak for the animals, who are bred in awful conditions, sold in terrible conditions, and often die premature and pain-filled deaths. And heartbreak for those who purchase these animals, believing that they are adding a new member to their family, only to experience the challenge of trying to wean an animal that has been sold too young or — worse still — to end up with the trauma of trying to bring the animal back from illness or disease.

But the good news is that, if the stars and moon line up exactly right, these sales may soon be illegal here in California. Legislation is being considered right now. If you live in California, please call or write in support of it.

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