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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Urban Decay ... how I love thee

Published 06/24/09
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

Let me count the ways....

First, you are a cruelty free cosmetics company that meets the highest standards for not testing products or ingredients on animals.

Second, you tell people about it and set an example for other companies by putting your credo on every box: “We don’t test on animals ... how could anyone?”

Third, your makeup is super high quality and tons of fun (o.k., that’s two things).

Fourth, you offer a line of vegan cosmetics and group them together to make them easy to find.

Fifth, you sponsored fffashion, Born Free USA’s first fur free fashion competition.

Here is a sneak behind-the-scenes peak of some of the fun we had with you at the fffashion photo shoot — with all the lovely Urban Decay makeup gracing the table. (Check the fffashion page in September for the unveiling of the winner!)


I’m going to wrap up this love story with my top three favorite Urban Decay products for summer.

Thanks Urban Decay for your support and for caring (really caring) about animals!



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