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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Keep Wildlife Wild — Day Two

Published 06/02/09
By Zibby Wilder, Director of Public Relations

Today for Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week, we’re looking at the horrors of trapping and the fur trade.

Now, these are things I just ... don’t ... get. I mean seriously, how can fur be considered “fashion”? How can someone think that wearing someone else’s skin is attractive? But it does seem that every year, more and more people catch on that compassionate fashion is really what it’s all about.

Trapping ... again, seriously? There are so few people that trap anymore that it just needs to be done away with. For years we have documented how trapping decimated native wildlife in the U.S. and now we’re watching endangered species, people’s companion animals, and sometimes even children now fall prey to this ugly and outdated practice.

One great and easy thing you can do is call Born Free USA at 916-447-3085 x208 to request our unique “SNAP” information cards and distribute them to your local veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, and animal control officials. The cards are a great, easy-to-carry reminder to report non-target trapping incidents to Born Free USA — and also a great reminder that traps are out there and to watch for them. Especially hikers with dogs.

Trapping and the fur trade benefit few, yet come at the cost of so many. Be sure you do something today to help!

Happy day 2 of Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week to you!


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