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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

“But it’s my right!”

Published 05/20/09
By Susan Trout, Program Assistant

You know what really gets to me? Hearing someone proclaim, “But it’s my right!” in response to a situation that is, at best, highly questionable or controversial, such as keeping dangerous exotic animals like lions, tigers, bears, and primates as “pets.” In many states it’s not illegal. In fact, it’s downright easy — just a mouse-click away.

Incidents involving people and exotic animals have made major headlines recently and it’s not good news, either. What makes people feel they have the right to possess dangerous, wild animals? The answer is simple — many people derive a perverse power from possessing and exploiting wild animals.

They mistakenly think it’s their right to take these animals from their wild and natural environments and attempt to turn them into family “pets.” Only when these animals behave like the “wild” creatures they are — frequently killing or seriously injuring humans — do we ever question that so-called right.

Primates in particular suffer from the exploitive nature of mankind. If they’re not languishing in sterile, barren cages and subjected to frequently painful medical experiments, they’re forced to behave like “children” in the hands of selfish and delusionary people.

Born Free USA tracks hundreds of incidents involving wild animals kept as “pets.” Many fatal attacks or serious injuries to humans lead to the destruction of the attacking animal. Based on these tragic facts, it is critical that lawmakers nationwide reconsider the idea that people should have the “right” to possess wild animals — for any reason!

Thankfully, Born Free USA has rescued many primates from research labs and private possession and they now live near-idyllic lives at our primate sanctuary in Dilley, Texas. To watch a monkey explore his new, natural surroundings among his own species and see his amazing reactions, makes our work to help wild animals truly worthwhile. Read about Winnie, the newest arrival at the Sanctuary and watch her progress!

Consider adopting one of our primates, and help to provide the kind of life all of them were meant to live — the freedom to be themselves!

Blogging off,


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