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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Something Dirty at KFC

Published 12/26/08
By Jessica Stout, Office Generalist

Something dirty is happening at Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it’s not the skinny-dipping in their kitchen sinks.

I was recently struck by the news of three KFC employees who were caught skinny-dipping in the sink of an Anderson, CA KFC. The news teams were interviewing scores of KFC customers who had just found out about this little after-hours bikini-clad romp, and the public was expressing general outrage at this apparently unhygienic atrocity.

Amongst the sentiments were phrases such as "disgusting", "dirty", and "gross." People even said that they didn't know if they could continue patronizing KFC after this little fiasco. I couldn't help but find humor in all of this as I thought, "This is probably one of the least dirty things to go on in a KFC kitchen, but this is your deal-breaker?"

KFC has long been under investigation for the deplorable conditions under which it handles and manages its food production. Various news footage videos, such as this one, have popped up everywhere showing clear rodent infestation of many KFC kitchens. Further, the sadistic treatment of the chickens that are used in its food production has been well filmed and documented. Treatment that includes: workers spitting tobacco in the chickens’ eyes, blasting the birds in the face with spray paint, and tearing their heads right off. Production line workers have been filmed slamming live chickens into walls and floors, and tearing them apart at their limbs while they are still alive.

These are the conditions and standards that have long been considered by KFC to be permissible practices in handling of its products that are consumed by the masses.

And yet, a short jaunt in the utility sink, after food preparation hours, is that proverbial straw? Go figure.

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