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Born Free USA Blog

Armani trying to warm cold hearts with dead animals ... again

Published 10/29/08
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

Not too long ago animal advocates celebrated as Georgio Armani claimed to have grown a conscience and a heart by swearing off fur in his fashion collection. But words are cheap. This year the Armani collection is brimming with real fur — including fur jackets for babies!

Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute not only helps to protect some of the world’s most endangered and threatened species but helps educate the general public about the impact their purchasing decisions can have on animal welfare.

This is why we only promote retailers who have taken strong stand against fur by putting their commitment to compassion in writing.

Our Consumers for a Fur Free Society (CFFS) program recognizes such retailers.

The CFFS program is supported and endorsed by an international coalition of 35 leading animal and environmental protection organizations, representing millions and millions of supporters worldwide. In the past year, the program has grown with many retailers recognized, including H&M, American Apparel, Mango, and Pier 1.

To be included in the program, retailers are simply asked to sign the “Retailer Statement of Assurance” which establishes that the company does not sell any real animal fur or fur trim. This makes a retailer’s fur-free status meaningful and worthy of recognition and represents a credible assurance for conscientious consumers looking to support compassionate companies.

Having a written statement also reduce the likelihood that a retailer will go back on their “word” as recently happened in the case of Armani.

As with many consumer-driven social issues there is a learning curve and a tipping point so, with time, formerly disinterested or reluctant companies may finally come on board to the CFFS program. This change will be largely driven by public opinion about fur and greater consumer demand for corporate responsibility. Fashion designers, retailers, and consumers must realize that fur has no place in socially conscience ethical consumerism.

You can help bring about this change by signing our online petition to encourage retailers to commit to a fur free policy and to join the international fur free retailer program.

Details can also be found on myspace and on Facebook.

For more information about Consumers for a Fur Free Society visit www.furfreeshopping.com. For a list of international retailers who have joined the Fur Free Retail Program visit www.furfreeretailers.com.

Let us use our compassionate shopping power to support retailers who really deserve our support.

Blogging off,


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