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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Humane Change

Published 10/24/08
By Susan Trout, Program Assistant

Friends, when you enter the polls this November, remember you are voting in one of the most critical elections this nation has ever held. There is so much at stake. Please exercise your freedom, and your responsibility, and vote!

California voters have an unprecedented opportunity to create humane change. Proposition 2, The Humane Farming Act, will improve the living conditions on factory farms by requiring a modest increase in the animals’ living space, allowing calves and pigs to lie down and turn around, and chickens to stretch their wings.

One can barely imagine being forced to exist in a wire cage on a space smaller than a standard sheet of copy paper — that’s the life of an egg-laying chicken! Dr. Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize winner, author, and noted father of modern ethology, pitifully expresses the plight of these helpless creatures:

“The worst torture to which a battery hen is exposed is the inability to retire somewhere for the laying act. For the person who knows something about animals it is truly heart-rending to watch how a chicken tries again and again to crawl beneath her fellow cagemates to search there in vain for cover.”

Male calves, taken from their mothers shortly after birth, are chained at the neck in narrow confining stalls — unable to turn around, or even stretch out comfortably! Female pigs are imprisoned in narrow, steel-barred stalls with unforgiving, slatted concrete floors. They, too, cannot turn around or stretch their limbs.

We routinely arrest and prosecute people for animal abuse not nearly as horrific as what these intensely confined animals endure every day. Modern animal agriculture is hidden animal torture! Such inhumane treatment must end.

Please join me and speak up for these animals —Vote YES! for humane change — Vote YES! on Proposition 2.

Speaking for those who can’t,


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