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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

The scarier the better!

Published 07/28/08
By Zibby Wilder, Director of Public Relations

It’s summer and, as usual, sharks are in the news. Not for attacks on swimmers, but because the latest studies show that of 21 species of sharks and rays, more than half are being fished to extinction. As are their prey.

There’s nothing for them to eat and 6.6 billion people are eating them — well, parts of them. Slicing off the fins and throwing the still-alive bodies back into the ocean to die a painful, slow death — not as the magnificent, highly-honed, spectacular gifts of nature they are — but as nothing more than common trash.

It sickens me that we are so far removed from our oceans to think that we can continue to abuse their bounties without it coming back to haunt us. We keep talking about global warming and how we can treat our earth better but what we need to remember is that our earth is the oceans and without them, it won’t matter what we do to our air and land.

Sure, sharks (in theory) are scary. But they also play a very important part in the circle of life that keeps our oceans healthy and alive. Just because we are scared of them doesn’t give us reason to continue to support their slaughter. It should give us reason to find out more about them, and support their existence in any way we can. After all, any animal that scares the hair off man is an animal worth fighting to keep around.

This goes the same for other predators in the news, be they bears, cougars, wolves, coyotes — indeed, any and all wildlife. The magnificence of wildlife isn’t scary, it’s spectacular. Please help us protect and conserve that magnificence before it’s too late!


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