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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

Wild — Not Free!

Published 07/22/08
By Susan Trout, Program Assistant

Born Free — those first two words of our organization’s name are powerful and if you stop to think about them, you’ll understand why we’re so committed to preserving and protecting wild creatures in their natural habitats.

Recently ABC News Primetime focused on people owning monkeys as “pets” and I monitored the responses across the country with interest. With few exceptions, most people expressed cruelty and selfishness in their attempts to make monkeys their children. One woman featured in the TV interview felt that “as long as you have love in your heart,” you can overcome any obstacles — including natural behaviors and instincts. Yeah, right! The hideous extraction of the monkey’s teeth hardly represents love — thank you very much! We don’t pull the teeth of toddlers who bite in defiance, why should we believe we have the right to mutilate another being, just for our own amusement?

Monkeys aren’t the only creatures to suffer this insane practice. Large cats, bears, and other carnivores frequently undergo horrible mutilation — declawing, tooth removal — all to make them “harmless” to their captors. Does anyone else recognize the insanity? And how could a true “veterinarian” actually agree to perform these mutilations? Isn’t their oath similar to the Hippocratic Oath for human medicine — “First, do no harm”?

Consider, too, the barbaric manner in which the monkeys are captured and taken from the wild. Frequently mothers and other adult family members are shot and killed in order to capture the prized infants who end up crammed into tiny crates, terrified and alone, before disappearing into the dark and sordid world of the exotic pet trade.

Monkeys are wild creatures. We haven’t the right to force them to behave like “human” children.

If we cannot preserve wild creatures’ habitat and provide protection from human encroachment and exploitation, then we deserve their extinction. Humanity completely alters the environment and then selfishly and foolishly recreates it by forcing these beautiful animals to live mere shadows of their true lives in zoos and fantasy worlds created by misguided people afflicted with Peter Pan complexes who refuse to grow up.

Please help keep wildlife wild and free! To learn more, click here.

Till next time,


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