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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

The mess over Michelle Obama's dress

Published 02/09/09
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

I challenge anyone who says Michelle Obama looked anything but stunning at the inauguration ball.

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This’ll get your blood boiling

Published 02/06/09
By Zibby Wilder, Director of Public Relations

It’s tough for me to keep marine issues out of my head, I think mostly because I have the great pleasure of living on one of the few beaches in Seattle. As I sit at the desk by my window, walk the Alki beach path, or enjoy little bits of sunshine on my deck, I’m constantly in awe of the amazing beauty of marine environments and the animals in them.

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Another Back(woods) Industry

Published 02/02/09
By Sharie Lesniak, Vice President of Marketing

Do you ever feel as if we’re the only ones going forward? You know, moving toward a better future where people really care about the earth and all its inhabitants — and I’m especially thinking about the animals here.

In skimming through some articles the other day, I come across this one that says, “By raising captive animals, we can save the wild ones at the same time. It takes far more effort to hunt a wild animal than to raise one, so by farming these animals, we are playing an important role in protecting their wild counterparts.” Um, what?!

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Left Behind — Hearts and Minds

Published 01/28/09
By Susan Trout, Program Assistant

Foreclosure — the “buzz” word of 2008. With it came misery and suffering for thousands of people all over the nation. It’s hard to imagine losing one’s home — all the hard work, effort and money invested — only to see it disappear overnight.

But beyond the misery of human suffering is the horrific reality of animals left behind — “pets” once cared for. News articles and TV stories painted a ghastly picture of animals abandoned to starve to death in empty homes or backyards.

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If we ignore them will they go away?

Published 01/14/09
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

The animal cruelty involved in the making of fur garments is well known, but a recent article in the Washington Post cast the spotlight on the human victims of this heartless trade.

The article notes that the American Overseas Fur Factory laid off half of its 300 workers without pay for three months.

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Some Wildlife Trade Myths

How dogma blocks facts

Published 01/12/09
By Barry Kent MacKay, Senior Program Associate

In my last blog I discussed the frustration involved in trying to protect commercially valued marine fish from endangerment. You might think those who do catch fish, or buy them or eat them, would want the fish to survive now, and for future generations. But it does not usually work that way.

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Running toward Maui

Published 01/09/09
By Cindy Haug-West

When this adventure began — running a marathon in every state to raise awareness and funds for Born Free USA — it added something unexpected to my life. I was already excited about dedicating my existing 50-state goal to a cause so close to my heart. The surprise is the subtle change it has brought to my thinking processes. I’ve been wondering, in my running life and my everyday life, How would an animal feel in this situation?

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Think outside the cage

Published 01/05/09
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

January 5, 2009 is a special day — it's National Bird Day!

"So what the heck is National Bird Day anyway?" you, or those you know, may ask.

Well, it's complicated.

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