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Born Free USA Blog

Born Free USA Blog

What are you afraid of? Could it be the Truth?

Published 09/15/08
By Nicole G. Paquette, Esq., Senior Vice President

I am always amazed how defensive people get when you try to talk to them or hand them information about how animals are treated in various industries. At some level these people are aware of the inherent cruelty involved in the particular issue being discussed or they would not be so defensive about it.

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If you care, you must be a hypocrite

Published 09/12/08
By Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate

I came across a blog the other day dedicated solely (or so it seemed) to finding flaws in any celebrity who takes a stand against animal cruelty or speaks out for animals. According to the authors of this blog (I won't provide a link to this particular blog because I don't want to promote it in anyway) all such celebrities (and by extention anyone who agrees with them) are hypocrites in some way or another.

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What to Do About the Killa from Wasilla?

Published 09/10/08
By Barbara Schmitz, Senior Program Associate

I breathed a sigh of relief when Frank Murkowski left office in 2006. As a senator representing Alaska, he pushed very hard for drilling oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and, worse still, he waged a horrific war against wolves while he served as Alaska’s governor. Defying two voter initiatives that prevented the killing of wolves by shooters in low-flying aircraft (aerial hunting), Governor Murkowski set loose the aerial hunters once again right after taking office.

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Ringling in my Backyard

Published 09/08/08
By Nicole G. Paquette, Esq., Senior Vice President

Every year around this time I start feeling a little sick to my stomach and then I realize it is because the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is rolling into my town this week. The circus brings with it animals that have been broken, mistreated, abused, poked, prodded, chained, and forcibly trained to do stupid tricks all in the name of entertainment. I always have to ask why anyone would buy a ticket to see this spectacle.

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No Animals Were Harmed in this Art Show

Published 09/05/08
By Sharie Lesniak, Vice President of Marketing

The 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities!You ever have one of those projects that you’re working on and it’s so big, yet it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and there’s just so much to do that every time you check off an item on your to-do list there are three more that get added and you’re just running and running, working on the project from morning to night, even dreaming about it when you do sleep, but you’re afraid if you stop and sit down you won’t be able to get up, so you just keep going and going like this long run-on sentence? Whew, I’m in the midst of one of those projects now — The 2nd Annual Circus Show & Other Atrocities! But with only 8 days to go from this posting — there is an end in sight! (And know that you’re all invited to attend because it’s going to be so worth all the work and such a good time for all and benefit the animals!)

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From the backseat of your car to the forefront of your mind!

Published 09/03/08
By Susan Trout, Program Assistant

Imagine this ... Timber, your big, lovable huskie dog is clamoring for your attention but you have a bank errand to run. You decide to let him come along because it will be quick. You park your car in a shadeless lot and wind down the windows two inches.

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Get your haiku on! I just did.

Published 08/29/08
By Zibby Wilder, Director of Public Relations

I love elephants
and it pains me to see them
treated like garbage

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A New Book for Youthful Visitors to Zoos

What kids and others should know about zoos

Published 08/27/08
By Barry Kent MacKay, Senior Program Associate

There is a new book about zoos and zoo animals that I highly recommend for all younger readers. The reason I do so is simple: it gives the best answer I have seen to the simple question I’m frequently asked. People want to know what I, as both a naturalist and animal protectionist, think of zoos. Rob Laidlaw has provided an easily understood reply in his brand new book, Wild Animals in Captivity, just published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside (ISBN 978-1-55455-925-8), and available for $19.95.

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