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Jan 2012 Rescue

by Tim Ajax, Director

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary

Some people monkey around a little, some people monkey around a lot, and then there's Tim. He's a prince among primates, presiding over hundreds of fellow bipeds in the often-brutal Texas outdoors. There's no ape escape for Tim and his crew, but no matter. They love to help macaques, baboons and vervets live out their lives with as much freedom as possible. And like peeling a banana, Tim's blogs take you to the good stuff inside — with a steady supplement of Texas weather updates, of course!

Mississippi Macaque Rescued!

Published: 01/25/12

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The macaque before his rescue.
(Photo courtesy of HSUS)

A monkey in Mississippi, long subjected to absolute misery in a cage, on Jan. 25, 2012, began an incredible journey toward living in open spaces along with members of his own species at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary.

Our friends at The Humane Society of the United States came across this adult male rhesus macaque after conducting an undercover investigation of the Collins Zoo, where they documented deplorable conditions. The monkey — currently unnamed — was confined to a small cage (watch him frantically pace in the tiny enclosure). Lions, tigers and other exotic animals exhibited signs of malnourishment and neglect, and venomous snakes were held in unsecured enclosures. A black wolf, whom the investigator pointed out to zoo owners as needing veterinary care, was not treated and a few days later died.

New and safe homes are being provided for the survivors.

What was uncovered in Mississippi is heartbreaking and not uncommon across the country. These animals are lucky to have a second chance. Born Free USA is happy to be able to take in this macaque and offer him a better life where he can live as freely as possible, and with other macaques. He will likely be experiencing grass, trees and proper diet for the first time in his life.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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