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May 2008 Rescue Blog

by Tim Ajax, Director

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary

Some people monkey around a little, some people monkey around a lot, and then there's Tim. He's a prince among primates, presiding over hundreds of fellow bipeds in the often-brutal Texas outdoors. There's no ape escape for Tim and his crew, but no matter. They love to help macaques, baboons and vervets live out their lives with as much freedom as possible. And like peeling a banana, Tim's blogs take you to the good stuff inside — with a steady supplement of Texas weather updates, of course!

Enjoying their new life

Published: 06/18/08

The longtail macaques retired from a laboratory have been with us for more than five weeks. It has been wonderful to watch the progress they have made during that time. They now spend their afternoons relaxing, grooming each other, sleeping and lazing around in the water and mud. Some will just sit in the wet mud pools we make for them and splash around, fascinated with the water. After years of living under laboratory conditions, it is great to see how much they are enjoying their new environment.

We can now spoil them and provide a varied selection of fruit and vegetables. This week there was much excitement and a chorus of approval went around the enclosure as I handed out apples and celery. Apples and celery have been high-priced until now. The monkeys are becoming more confident and some will even cautiously approach the buckets of food and peer in to see what is on the day’s menu. One daring individual even decided to help himself rather than wait for me.

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