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Tribute to Holly

Published: 05/14/08

HollyAt the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, rescuing and providing homes for nonhuman primates is deeply satisfying because of the new and rich life we give these individuals. It is a fact of life, of course, that these individuals eventually die. So it was, sadly, with Holly, the eldest baboon at the Sanctuary.

Holly was retired to the Sanctuary after spending years in a laboratory subjected to drug addiction research. Considering her horrible start in life, it is remarkable that she lived to such an age — around 28 years.

She arrived at the Sanctuary in poor physical condition. Distrustful of humans, it took her a long time to settle in. Despite her age and frail condition, however, Holly turned out to be an assertive and determined individual.

Although saddened by her death, we can be comforted by the knowledge that for the last few years of her life, Holly lived in a natural environment, far removed from the metal bars of a laboratory cage. She enjoyed fresh air, vegetation, space, a varied diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, things that had been denied to her for so many years. Most importantly, she had the companionship of other baboons, in particular Boon, a male who was devoted to her.

A gift in Holly’s memory can be made to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary by clicking here. Please write “In memory of Holly” in the comments section. Your donation is deeply appreciated and ensures Holly’s memory lives on through the continued care of all the residents at our Sanctuary.

We shall all miss her.

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