A Natural Life, A Gradual Process

From Animal Issues, Volume 35 Number 2, Summer 2004

Published: 06/30/04

As many Animal Issues readers know, the API Primate Sanctuary is dedicated to providing the most natural life possible to the residents in our care. One of the ways we accomplish this goal is by rehabilitating animals once kept in unnatural situations as "pets," in research facilities, or in roadside zoos.

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A Boon for API

From Animal Issues, Volume 35 Number 1, Spring 2004

Published: 04/14/04

When he arrived at API last fall, Boon — a male olive baboon — was frightened and withdrawn. His fear was understandable — after all, the Sanctuary was quite a change for him. Boon had spent the previous 12 years of his life as a "pet," living in a small, barren, and dark enclosure attached to a garage. When his "owners" decided they no longer wanted Boon, API agreed to give him a permanent home at our Primate Sanctuary.

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What's in the Works for Winter

From Animal Issues, Volume 34 Number 4, Winter 2003

Published: 12/14/03

Wintertime is a special time in south Texas, home of the API Primate Sanctuary. The days turn crisp and clear, and the evenings are even more so. Some nights, the sky seems to overflow with stars. The more than 400 Sanctuary residents enjoy the season in peace in their spacious, free-range enclosures. After all they've been through — the cruelty of laboratory cages, the confinement of roadside zoos and private possession — they thrive in the freedom the Sanctuary provides.

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What's in a Name?

From Animal Issues, Volume 34 Number 3, Fall 2003

Published: 10/14/03

Some major changes have occurred in Dilley, Texas, home of API's sanctuary for nonhuman primates. In addition to the appointment of Ned C. Buyukmihci, DVM to the position of Director, the haven also has a new name, and is now called the Animal Protection Institute Primate Sanctuary. Both of these changes reflect our commitment to providing the best possible care to the animals that live at the sanctuary.

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