Seasonal Report

From Animal Issues, Volume 38 Number 2, Summer 2007

Published: 06/30/07

Spring arrived in a burst of rainfall. Within days, the Sanctuary became green and lush and covered in wild flowers. This was a welcome respite after many months of extremely dry and barren conditions. The monkeys were certainly happy as the green foliage provided opportunities for foraging and exploration.

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Watch Sanctuary monkeys in action

Published: 04/02/07

Watch the latest goings on at the API Primate Sanctuary in these new video clips. See how our residents spend their days enjoying their lives in our natural, multi-acre, free-range enclosures. One of their favorite pastimes is playing in the water. Watch as some of the primates make a splash in one of our favorite video clips.


New Arrivals at the API Primate Sanctuary

From Animal Issues, Volume 38 Number 1, Spring 2007

Published: 03/31/07

Two young rhesus monkeys who were kept as family “pets” arrived at the Sanctuary in recent months.

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Experiencing New Sights, Sounds, and Smells

From Animal Issues, Volume 37 Number 4, Winter 2006

Published: 12/31/06

A new group of monkeys has arrived at the API Primate Sanctuary. Recently released from a research facility, the group of bonnet macaques is settling into its new home in Southwest Texas.

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Costs and Benefits

From Animal Issues, Volume 37 Number 3, Fall 2006

Published: 09/30/06

We’ve undertaken plenty of projects here at the Sanctuary lately aimed at helping the primates who live here have the most natural and enriched life possible.

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A 2007 Calendar for the API Primate Sanctuary

Published: 09/25/06

2007 API Primate Sanctuary CalendarAPI and our Primate Sanctuary have teamed up with Turner Publishing Company to bring you this delightful 2007 wall calendar. Featuring beautiful photographs by Sanctuary Co-Director, Sarah Kite, each month provides a glimpse into daily life at the Sanctuary for residents such as Darwin, Carly, Boon, Tilly, and more. The calendar's vibrant, contrasting colors and monthly informational tidbits are sure to be a hit with just about everyone, making them perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

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Published: 09/20/06

We are sad to announce the death of Tucson, one of our “adoptable” primates. He died peacefully in his sleep at our Sanctuary.

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All in a Day’s Work

From Animal Issues, Volume 37 Number 2, Summer 2006

Published: 08/23/06

The past four months have been a busy time at the Sanctuary. Projects, such as the construction of a new set of semi-natural enclosures, have almost been completed. Climbing platforms for additional enrichment and shelter within one of our large, natural, free-range enclosures have also been built, along with a pool and a diving platform, something the monkeys thoroughly enjoy.

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