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The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary is a division of Born Free USA. Born Free USA and the Sanctuary are supported by tax-deductible contributions from individuals who want to help us further our mission.

Born Free USA does more than just rescue and provide a home for nonhuman primates. As an animal advocacy group, Born Free USA has a long history of success in captive and exotic wildlife issues. We work proactively to protect nonhuman primates, and other wild animals, from being kept as "pets" or used in research or in zoos in the first place. Through public education, legislative advocacy, media, grassroots organizing and litigation, our efforts have had an enormous impact on public awareness of the mistreatment of animals.

By contributing to Born Free USA, you can support the critical work of the Primate Sanctuary, help reduce animal suffering, increase legal protections for captive exotic animals, and restore wildlife's rightful place in the wild. To learn more about how you can help, choose an option below.

Adopt a Sanctuary Resident

Help give rescued baboons, macaques and vervets a second chance at a more natural life by being part of the Sanctuary Adoption Program. For just $25, $52 or $100 a year, adoptive sponsors receive a photo and various information about their adopted primate along with a subscription to The Primate Post newsletter.

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Learn More about Captive Wild Animals

Born Free USA actively works to protect captive wild and exotic animals in the United States and across the globe. We have been responsible for the introduction and passage of important legislation banning the possession of exotic animals in a number of states and localities.

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Become a Member of Born Free USA

By becoming a member of Born Free USA you will receive a subscription to Animal Issues Digest, our full-color, twice-yearly magazine with in-depth articles on animal issues and major Born Free USA campaigns.

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Make a Contribution

Your donation of any amount — no matter the size — is vital in helping Born Free USA continue to work for the protection of animals from abuse and exploitation. All donations are tax-deductible in the United States.

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Shop Born Free USA's Store

Whether it's through informative books, films and publications, or T-shirts, canvas bags, mugs and other merchandise, Born Free USA offers you many ways to support animals.

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Join our Action Alert Team

By working at the local level, individual animal advocates can have a significant impact on how animals are treated in our society. Born Free USA offers you the opportunity to become involved in key animal protection issues in your state and local community. It's easy to be an effective advocate!

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Feed Our Felines!

Over the years people have dumped at our doorstep feral felines they've captured — and also deposited their unwanted pet cats. We feed these non-primate animals and provide them with veterinary care when needed — not a small expense. Please consider making a generous donation to our cats' kitty, which we call Prairie's Fund.

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