Meet Shawshank

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Shawshank is a 17-year-old hamadryas baboon who had the good fortune to be retired from a research facility and now spends his days here at the sanctuary in a large, natural enclosure in the company of other baboons of various species. Since arriving in 2001 Shawshank has become the leading male in the baboon group and watches over everyone with a close eye, his favorite female, Shooter, always close by his side.

Though baboons can sometimes be known for their violent outbursts, Shawshank helps keep everyone in order simply by his confident demeanor, and any squabbles quickly are brought under control. All of the baboons enjoy a healthful diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, browse and monkey diet, and it's always apparent when Shawshank is approaching because everyone calmly walks away, leaving the best of the spoils to their leader. Some of his favorite foods include dessert mangos, avocados, grapes and whole roasted peanuts.

Far removed from the steel and sterility he once knew, Shawshank is now free to soak up the sun, pick spring flowers or roam through the dense enclosure — with his entourage of impressed baboons in tow.