Meet Joey

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Joey is a striking, 14-year-old black crested macaque. He arrived at our sanctuary after his "owner" came to the very difficult but correct decision that she could not provide him with the environment he needed. She has since become a positive, vocal proponent of our sanctuary and the important work we carry out there.

Joey resides in one of our large, semi-natural enclosures with several other monkeys: Gilbert, Florence, Justin, Ted, Zach and India. Our most diverse group, they represent five species of macaques and Joey is part of the glue that binds the group together. Easily excited, he is sure to "voice his opinion" on everything going on around him. In addition, he never passes up an opportunity to engage in a good game of tag with Florence, and despite not being quite as young or nimble as Florence, he gives good chase just the same!

Joey enjoys just about all food but has an especially fond appetite for dried fruit — particularly dried mango and pineapple. He readily shares with the other monkeys and never seems too concerned when Gilbert sneaks up and steals a piece for himself. Occasionally the group will split up for a good mock fight through the fence, and Joey's distinct voice can be heard throughout the sanctuary. Then it's back together for hugs and grooming under the deep-blue south Texas sky.