Meet Friendly

Quick to approach and solicit grooming from human and baboon alike, Friendly lives up to her name. That doesn't mean she's low-ranking, though; Friendly is the dominant female in her group and doesn't put up with any funny stuff from the other ladies. Any outbreaks are settled quickly by Friendly, and that includes scuffles between neighboring baboons.

At eighteen years old, this beautiful olive baboon spent most of her life in research. But, when funding dried up for the project she was involved in, staff at the laboratory worked hard to secure her retirement. On September 17, 2013, Friendly and eight other female baboons arrived at the Sanctuary, eager to begin their new lives. She was one of the second group of baboons released from their transport crates and she didn't hesitate to walk right out into the safety area, confidently surveying her new home.

Friendly rapidly adjusted to the new surroundings and even helped Spicey and Chloe settle in, as she made frequent trips to visit with each of them and help reassure them. It seems that she has made it her job to strengthen social bonds as she moves back and forth between other baboons, grooming and being groomed: a baboon queen in the making.

Steel, concrete, fluorescent lights, and lab coats have been replaced with open sky, grass, trees, birds, and breezes, as Friendly and the other eight lucky baboon girls begin the next chapter in their lives.