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Danger: Trapping Ahead

Non-Target Trapping Incident Database

Born Free USA is the only group that maintains a database of all the reported incidents of non-targeted animals caught in traps since 1990 — but what gets reported is only a tip of this cruel iceberg. This interactive database details just a tiny fraction of such tragedies.

Most states do not require trappers to report non-targeted animals who they have trapped, thereby cloaking the cumulative impacts and danger of trapping on wildlife, companion animals and communities. In lieu of available state-collected data, Born Free USA maintains a database tracking incidents across the country that involve companion animals and threatened and endangered species. This data is collected via news reports or submitted directly to Born Free USA by veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and residents who have encountered a trapping situation firsthand.

Start your search by finding your state in the pull down menu below. Then spend just a few minutes poking around — refining your searches through pull-down menus for year, type of trap and more or by viewing maps whose "balloons" each link to details of specific incidents — and you will become more aware of how widespread the trapping of non-targeted dogs and cats sadly is.