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For Immediate Release: 07/27/00

Former Research Baboons ... Free At Last!

What: For the first time in the United States, nine male former research baboons will be released into a five acre free-ranging enclosure at the Animal Protection Institute’s (API) Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary. Joining them will be Nikki, a rescued “pet” and the only female of the group.

Where: Dilley, TX, approximately 75 miles south of San Antonio. Directions available upon request.

When: 10 a.m., Friday July 28

Why: The baboons are ready to be released after months of rehabilitation at API’s Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary. This is the first United States release of former research animals — and Nikki, a former “pet” — into a free-roaming enclosure.

Background: The nine males were formerly used in vascular research at the Boston University Medical Center. They were released for rehabilitation to API’s Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary last April.

Media representatives will have the opportunity to photograph/videotape the animals prior to and during their release. Representatives from the Animal Protection Institute will also be available for interviews.

The Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary of Dilley, TX merged into the Animal Protection Institute (API), a national non-profit animal advocacy organization based in Sacramento, CA earlier this year. The mission of the sanctuary, which was initially created to save a troop of Japanese macaques imported to the United States in 1972, is to provide a free-ranging environment for primates in need. API has approximately 85,000 members nationwide.

Photographs and videotape of primates at the sanctuary are available. Contact API at 916-447-3085 x205 for more information.

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