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For Immediate Release: 02/14/08

Update on Long Distance Transport of Pigs to Hawaii

On February 12, the World Society for the Protection of Animals and Handle with Care Coalition partners released the results of a two-year investigation into the global long distance transport of animals.

An undercover investigation conducted in Spring 2007 into the 4,000-mile journey that up to 15,000 pigs make from Canada to Hawaii was highlighted as one of the world’s cruelest transport routes. In addition to the undercover investigation, this route was also documented through shipping records obtained from the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture from 2005 to September 2007.

After the release of this information, it was made public on Honolulu television station, KGMB-9, by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture that the last shipment of pigs from Canada to Hawaii was in October 2007. Pigs continue to suffer during long distance transport from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii.

At this time, we cannot confirm that the shipments of pigs from Canada to Hawaii have ended permanently. There is no Canadian or U.S. regulation that would prevent them from starting up again. Publicly, the reason given is respiratory problems causing higher than acceptable death rates in the pigs. However, we believe that the investigations the Handle with Care coalition undertook highlighted the cruel treatment of pigs at a relevant time.


For broadcast-quality video and images from the two-year undercover investigation, please visit www.digitalnewsagency.com/wspa

Media contacts:
Barbara Castleman, Public Relations & Media Manager, WSPA: 617-896-9291
Rachel Querry, Senior Director, Public Relations, HSUS: 301-258-8255
Zibby Wilder, Director of Public Relations, Born Free USA united with API: 916-267-7266

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