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For Immediate Release: 10/13/04

The National Wildlife Refuge System: A Betrayal of Trust

Probe Finds More Promote Hunting & Trapping than Wildlife Viewing

Sacramento, CA — October 10-16 has been officially designated as National Wildlife Refuge Week, but a review of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) data by the Animal Protection Institute (API) has found little reason to celebrate. A review of agency information has revealed that a majority of national wildlife refuges allow “sport” hunting and trapping and that more refuges offer programs for killing animals than for watching them! In September, President George W. Bush opened an additional 243,500 acres of public lands on 17 refuges to recreational killing of wildlife. In addition, on September 28 the FWS signed a four-year agreement with the Archery Trade Association, the Bowhunting Preservation Alliance, and Arrowsport to increase archery and bowhunting opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges.

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For Immediate Release: 09/01/04

Landmark Bill Protecting Baby Parrots Goes into Effect

Sacramento, CA — Precedent-setting legislation that protects young parrots in the state will go into effect on September 1, 2004. The Animal Protection Institute (API), a Sacramento-based national animal advocacy organization, sponsored Assembly Bill 202, introduced by Assemblywoman Ellen Corbett, to protect young parrots in the pet trade. The new law requires that parrots be weaned (able to eat on their own) before release from a pet store, swap meet, or other retail outlet, and that pet shops must have at least one employee trained in the care and feeding of young birds. California is first state in the nation to regulate the sale of unweaned birds.

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For Immediate Release: 04/21/04

North Carolina County Bans “Pet” Exotic Animals

Animal Protection Institute Lauds Action as Important Safety Measure, Model for Nation

Sacramento, CA — Following the tragic death of a North Carolina boy killed by his aunt’s tiger, the county where the incident occurred has outlawed the private possession of exotic animals as pets within county limits. Last December, 10-year-old Clayton James Eller was fatally mauled by a 400-pound Bengal tiger at his aunt’s Wilkes County, North Carolina home.

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For Immediate Release: 03/24/04

Sacramento County Sued Over Illegal Sale of Shelter Animals

Sacramento, CA — Animal protection groups filed a lawsuit today against Sacramento County for failing to enforce an agreement with the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) and Sutter Hospital safeguarding companion animals sold from its shelter for medical and educational uses. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit are the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR), the Animal Protection Institute (API), and In Defense of Animals (IDA).

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For Immediate Release: 06/18/03

New Director to Manage Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary

Sacramento, CA — The Animal Protection Institute (API), one of the leading animal advocacy organizations in the United States, is proud to announce that Dr. Ned C. Buyukmihci, VMD, a leading proponent of animal rights and an experienced animal sanctuary director, will become the new director of the API Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, TX.

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For Immediate Release: 06/12/02

San Benito County Ends Taxpayer-Subsidized Wildlife Killing

Hollister, CA — The San Benito County Board of Supervisors voted yesterday to withdraw its support of a controversial federal predator control program that kills thousands of wild animals in the county each year to benefit private livestock ranchers. The Supervisor’s decision, which passed 4 to 1, is being hailed by wildlife and conservation organizations as progressive and fiscally responsible.

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For Immediate Release: 07/27/00

Former Research Baboons ... Free At Last!

What: For the first time in the United States, nine male former research baboons will be released into a five acre free-ranging enclosure at the Animal Protection Institute’s (API) Texas Snow Monkey Sanctuary. Joining them will be Nikki, a rescued “pet” and the only female of the group.

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