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Press Releases

For Immediate Release: 06/05/06

Local dog’s death underscores dangers of leaving animals in hot cars

National initiative gives residents tools to avoid further tragedies

Rochester, NY — The Animal Protection Institute (API), a national non-profit animal welfare group, today asked Rochester area residents to join its summer initiative, “My Dog is Cool”, and help save dogs from dying in hot cars. Educational information, lifesaving tips, and specifics on what people can do to help animals in hot cars can be found on the web site www.MyDogIsCool.com.

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For Immediate Release: 05/24/06

Widespread Abuse of U.S. Farmed Animals Exposed

Investigation of farmed animal transport reveals video evidence of shocking cruelty and lack of legal protection

Sacramento, CA — The Animal Protection Institute (API) and Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) today released the results of a landmark investigation into the transport of live farmed animals throughout the United States, uncovering horrible conditions and long periods of grueling travel. The investigation documented the transport of live cows within the U.S. and the transport of pigs from the U.S. to Mexican slaughterhouses.

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For Immediate Release: 05/23/06

National group calls on Ohio legislature to take action before another person is injured or killed by unregulated captive wild animals

Bear mauling illustrates need for immediate legislative action

Sacramento, CA — In response to the mauling of an Orwell, Ohio woman by an escaped, privately possessed black bear, the Animal Protection Institute (API) called on the Ohio legislature to prohibit the private possession of exotic animals within the state. Legislation has been introduced in the past which could have prevented this tragedy.

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For Immediate Release: 05/10/06

National Investigation Confirms Private Homes Not Acceptable for Seized Houston Exotic Animals

Sacramento, CA — Calls to place recently rescued exotic tigers and bears from Gonzales County with private “pet” owners are being dismissed by the Animal Protection Institute (API), a national animal advocacy group whose recent groundbreaking investigation has demonstrated the plight of wild exotic animals kept as “pets.” Video footage obtained by API exposes a general lack of concern for animal welfare by private owners who, despite claims of lobbying groups, are not regulated by any federal government agency, the federal Animal Welfare Act, or by the majority of state regulatory agencies.

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For Immediate Release: 05/01/06

Campaign against U.S. Cosmetics Testing on Animals Launches

Consumer-driven campaign brings to light industry’s misleading labeling practice

Sacramento, CA — The Animal Protection Institute (API), a national non-profit animal advocacy organization, today announced the launch of a campaign to combat misleading animal testing labeling practices by the cosmetics industry.

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For Immediate Release: 04/21/06

National First as California Legislature Prepares to Debate “Elephant Bill”

As zoo debates heat up, bill signals change for captive elephants nationwide

Sacramento, CA — Nationwide, zoos are finding themselves embroiled in a furious debate over the plight of captive elephants. Due to animal welfare concerns, many zoos have closed exhibits and chosen to retire captive elephants. Others are debating their current and future capacity to properly care for such high-maintenance animals.

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For Immediate Release: 04/18/06

Lawsuit Threatened to Protect Endangered Species from Deadly Traps in Maine & Minnesota

Lynx, gray wolves, and bald eagles illegally injured & killed in body-gripping traps

Sacramento, CA — In an effort to stop the illegal trapping of imperiled species in Maine and Minnesota, the Animal Protection Institute (API) today sent letters of intent to sue the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources unless they take immediate actions to protect threatened and endangered species from deadly body-gripping leghold, Conibear, and snare traps. Copies of the letters were sent to the Governors and Attorneys General of Maine and Minnesota and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

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For Immediate Release: 04/18/06

National campaign protesting circus animal abuse kicks off in Philly

Mobile billboard featuring shackled Ringling elephants to be unveiled; protests planned for length of show’s run

Philadelphia, PA — As Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus (Ringling) touts the arrival of its “all-new” ring-less performance in Philadelphia, the Animal Protection Institute (API) will launch a national campaign calling on Ringling to “keep the rings, lose the chains” and release endangered Asian elephants from the rigors and abuse of performing in the circus.

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