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Press Releases

For Immediate Release: 08/02/06

Landmark Elephant Protection Bill Passes Massachusetts Senate

Prohibits Using Bullhooks or Chains on Elephants

Boston, MA — A landmark bill that would protect elephants from abusive use of cruel and inhumane devices, such as bullhooks and chains, passed the Massachusetts Senate yesterday.

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For Immediate Release: 08/01/06

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to Decide on Continuing Sales of Animals from County Shelter

Sacramento, CA — On Wednesday, August 2, 2006, at 2:15pm, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will vote on a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the county and the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine (UCD) regarding the use of animals from the county shelter. The Board will also decide whether the current MOU with Sutter Medical Research Foundation (Sutter Hospital) will continue.

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For Immediate Release: 07/31/06

Sacramento County Holds Hearing Tuesday on Animal Overpopulation Ordinance

Measure Would Reduce Out-of-Control Breeding of Cats and Dogs in Community

Sacramento, CA — The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will hold a hearing at 3:00pm Tuesday, August 1, on the proposed Animal Overpopulation Ordinance, a landmark measure designed to regulate out-of-control breeding of cats and dogs and to reduce the tragic number of animals killed in local shelters.

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For Immediate Release: 07/27/06

Clear Channel Radio Bans San Diego Public Service Announcement

Activist group outraged by censorship of anti-circus PSA

San Diego, CA — The Animal Protection Institute (API), a California-based non-profit animal advocacy group, has recently learned that its anti-circus public service announcement (PSA) has been denied by Clear Channel radio stations in San Diego. API was seeking to place the ads to protest the arrival of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus to San Diego.

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For Immediate Release: 07/27/06

Raid at N.C. zoo highlights need for legislation of dangerous wild animals

Recent investigation and USDA complaint documenting public safety and animal welfare issues heightens community concern

Charlotte, NC — The Animal Protection Institute (API), a national animal advocacy organization, is calling upon legislators to ban the ownership of dangerous wild and exotic animals in North Carolina. Events such as Tuesday’s police raid of the Metrolina Wildlife Park (also known as Charlotte Metro Zoo), API’s recent investigation of the facility, and subsequent March 2006 filing of a USDA complaint citing various violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act, prove that legislation must be introduced during the next legislative session.

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For Immediate Release: 07/21/06

Another incident involving dangerous exotic animals renews call for immediate legislative action

Columbus, OH — The Animal Protection Institute (API), a national animal advocacy organization, renews its call to legislators to immediately ban the ownership of dangerous wild and exotic animals in Ohio. Incidents involving dangerous wild animals kept as pets are on the rise in Ohio. Last weekend three wolves reportedly escaped from Robert Pitt’s home in Hanover, OH, and attacked a neighbor’s dog before they were shot to death. Pitt holds a USDA license to own exotic animals, despite previous complaints by neighbors.

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For Immediate Release: 07/18/06

Investigations into elephant care and deaths at L.A. Zoo and Ringling Bros. circus hasten call to form CA animal welfare committee

Circus’s arrival in L.A. spotlights fight for state animal welfare reform

Los Angeles, CA — Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus opens July 19 in Los Angeles, despite four active federal investigations into its treatment of animals, including the death of a baby elephant and the repeated striking of a chained elephant with a bullhook outside a 2004 Ringling performance in Oakland, CA. The USDA has also recently announced an investigation into the death of Gita, also an Asian elephant, at the Los Angeles Zoo. 2006 has been a banner year for California activists and legislators fighting to shed light on the ethical and moral debate surrounding captive elephants, yet their continued mistreatment and deaths prove action must be taken to protect them.

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For Immediate Release: 07/06/06

Lawsuit Challenging Sales of Dogs and Cats from Sacramento County Shelter to Research Labs Fails

Sacramento, CA — A California state appeals court decision has ended a lengthy legal battle by animal protection groups to stop the sale of animals from the County of Sacramento’s animal shelter to research laboratories. The Third Appellate District Court of Appeal has decided that the county has discretion about whether to terminate the practice of selling animals from its shelter to research labs that sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreement with the county, despite repeated violations of the contract regarding animal use.

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