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For Immediate Release: 03/18/10

No Appetite for Tuna

Doha, Qatar — In a stunningly shortsighted decision, Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species defeated a motion by the Principality of Monaco to protect the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna by a disappointing vote of 20 in favor, 68 against, with 30 abstentions.

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For Immediate Release: 02/25/10

Innocent Killer?

Warnings ignored. Species not suitable for captivity

According to eyewitnesses, as spectators watched, an orca (the largest member of the dolphin family) named Tillikum at SeaWorld Orlando grabbed his trainer and pulled her under the water. In a statement issued by SeaWorld, the trainer, who had 14 years experience training captive orca and dolphins, “drowned.”

This is the third time that Tillikum, whose stage name at SeaWorld is Shamu, has caused a fatality after nearly three decades in captivity.

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For Immediate Release: 02/16/10

Born Free USA calls on Montana Residents to Help Keep Montana’s Peregrine Falcons Flying Free

Born Free USA, a leading national wildlife advocacy organization, today called on Montanans to stop a potentially dangerous proposal to allow the capture of peregrine falcons.

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For Immediate Release: 12/09/09

Wisconsin tops list of "Worst Fur Farming States" in the U.S.

Unregulated farming practices and regulatory confusion raise serious animal welfare concerns

Sacramento, CA — Born Free USA, a leading national wildlife advocacy organization, today released Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America. The 44-page report, which reviews statistics and legislative oversight of animals raised for their fur, names Wisconsin as the worst state for cruelty to “fur farmed” animals.

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For Immediate Release: 10/06/09

Bear mauling renews call for ban on wild animals as pets

PA woman mauled to death by "Pet" black bear

Ross Township, PA — Born Free USA, a leading national wildlife advocacy organization, is calling on Pennsylvania legislators to immediately ban the ownership of dangerous wild animals after a 37-year-old woman was killed by a black bear kept as a pet in Ross Township. According to media reports, the woman was killed while cleaning the bear’s 12x12 foot cage. The bear was shot to death by a neighbor.

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For Immediate Release: 09/09/09

Assembly Passes Bill to Protect Pets from Unscrupulous Sales Practices

AB 1122 prevents animals from being sold along roadsides, in parking lots and at carnivals

Sacramento, CA — The California Animal Association, a coalition of 11 state and national animal welfare organizations, today lauded the California State Assembly for passing AB 1122, a bill that will prevent animals from being sold along roadsides, in parking lots and at carnivals, where they are often subject to unsanitary conditions and pose human health risks.

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For Immediate Release: 09/02/09

Animals win big, thanks to Fur Free Fashion!

Celebrity judges announce winners of Born Free USA “fffashion” competition

Sacramento, CA — Born Free USA is proud to announce the winners of “fffashion”, its inaugural fur-free fashion design competition. Independent designers were invited to enter their innovative fur-free fashion designs for cash prizes and the chance to be featured in a full-page ad in the September/October issue of E Magazine, a co-sponsor of the competition.

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For Immediate Release: 09/02/09

Shocking undercover video bolsters Ringling elephant abuse lawsuit

Circus to open in Kent under shadow of federal trial and damaging new video footage

Kent, WA — As Ringling Bros. circus prepares to open in Kent, new undercover video of its handlers beating elephants with bullhooks is spreading like wildfire on the Internet and in the media. National wildlife advocacy non-profit Born Free USA, a plaintiff in the federal trial against Ringling Bros., points to this investigation as further evidence that Ringling Bros. circus is violating the Endangered Species Act by abusing Asian elephants.

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