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New Mexico Residents: Take Action to End Trapping in New Mexico!

Published 04/30/14

Trap Free New Mexico—a coalition that includes Born Free USA—is turning up the pressure on New Mexico legislators, and we need your help!

The best place to start? Sign this petition. The more signatures we gather, the stronger our statement will be: that New Mexico citizens will not tolerate cruel trapping on public lands.

In addition, you can attend Advocate for Animals meetings across the state to share tips for becoming a great citizen advocate for animals.

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Pennsylvanians: Take a Stand Against Shark Finning!

Published 04/29/14

We are closer than ever to restricting the sale of shark fins in Pennsylvania, and you have an opportunity to help pass this important piece of legislation! An Act "Prohibiting the Sale of Shark Fins" (S.B. 340), introduced by Senators Alloway (R-33) and Leach (D-17), would make it illegal for a person to possess, sell, offer for sale, trade, or distribute a shark fin in Pennsylvania, with a few exceptions. It is currently sitting in the Senate Appropriations Committee, and we need you to encourage the committee members to take action.

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Success: Virginia Bill to Phase Out Fox Penning is Signed into Law!

Published 04/25/14

S.B. 42, a bill that will phase out the merciless practice of fox penning, has been signed into law by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. This bill, supported by Born Free USA and a coalition of other animal advocacy groups, targets a "sport" that is as cruel as it is pointless. The bill prevents any new fox pens from opening, while requiring existing pens to close by the year 2054. While we are dismayed that lawmakers enacted a 40 year phaseout, we still believe it is a strong statement against this horrid practice.

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New Yorkers: Help Us Keep Orcas Out of Captivity!

Published 04/24/14

Senator Ball (R-40) recently introduced bill S. 6613 to prohibit orcas from being kept in sea parks or aquariums, and we need you to speak out in support of it!

Also, remember to join us in New York City on May 2 for The Art of Wildlife Conservation: A Cocktail Reception to Benefit Born Free USA! RSVP to hannah@bornfreeusa.org by April 30 if you plan to attend. Can't make it to New York City? You can also place an absentee bid on our wonderful auction items.

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Arizona Residents: UPDATE: Governor Brewer Didn't Sign Bill that Would Harm Mexican Gray Wolves in Arizona

Published 04/23/14

The Mexican gray wolf, a subspecies of the gray wolf, is teetering on the brink of extinction in the southwestern United States. Senator Gail Griffin’s bill widens the circumstances in which Mexican gray wolves may be killed, and S.B. 1211 recently passed the state legislature.

UPDATE: Thanks to your quick action, Governor Brewer did not sign the bill! Click here to thank her for her compassionate decision.

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You're Invited to "Michigan Humane Lobby Day!"

Published 04/22/14

Want to get involved in animal welfare legislation and help the gray wolf population in Michigan? Please join the Humane Society of the United States, Born Free USA, the ASPCA, Puppy Mill Awareness of Southeast Michigan, and your fellow animal advocates in Lansing on Tuesday, May 13 for Michigan Humane Lobby Day. This is your opportunity to let state lawmakers know that you support protection for gray wolves and oppose laws that would allow them to be hurt and exploited. RSVP through this link.

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Born Free USA Exposes the Bloody Ivory Trade

Published 04/21/14

Born Free USA commissioned C4ADS and its expert defense analysts to examine elephant poaching and the ivory trade. Ivory’s Curse: The Militarization and Professionalization of Poaching in Africa was released on April 21, and its findings are truly alarming.

Born Free USA will use this significant, timely report to encourage legislators, conservation authorities, and defense agencies to focus their attention, resources, and efforts on the elephant poaching hotspots we’ve identified, and exert appropriate pressure at all levels to stop the brutal ivory trade.

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Creative Ways to Help Animals--and Celebrate a Victory for Exotic Wildlife!

Published 04/17/14

An auction featuring luxury items will benefit Born Free USA's global animal protection efforts (May 2 in New York City). Can't make it to New York? You can still participate by placing an absentee bid on our wonderful auction items.

Will you "adopt" a primate at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary?

West Virginia Governor Earl Tomblin has just signed the Dangerous Wild Animals Act (H.B. 4393) into law, which will prohibit citizens from acquiring new “wild and exotic animals” as pets.

Parade Magazine online discusses 10 types of animals who play important roles in the survival of our planet. Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, contributes his expertise.

“Fur for the Animals” is a donation drive to collect clothing items made from animal fur and donate them to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centers across the country. Now through June 30.

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