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Oregon: Don't Let Falconers Raid More Nests!

Published 12/14/10

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is accepting public comment through Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011, on its proposal to allow the capture of wild peregrine falcons for falconry. Even chicks and fledglings could be held in captivity for personal use. Furthermore, the proposal would let falconers raid more types of nests.
Tell ODFW to reject the proposal!

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Utah Residents: Help Stop a Dangerous Trapping Plan

Published 12/14/10

Trappers in Utah only have to check brutal leghold traps once every 48 hours, and snares and Conibear traps once every 96 hours. Now they want trap times extended to seven days! Tell the Utah Wildlife Board to reject this proposal to increase trapping agony.

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Don't Allow Hunting in California Game Refuges!

Published 11/28/10

The California Department of Fish and Game is proposing to remove the “refuge” status from 19 of our 21 state game refuges so that hunting will be allowed. California’s refuges are here for everyone to enjoy, not just the hunters, and to protect the survival of our native plants, animals and their habitats. Please e-mail the Department of Fish and Game today!

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Fur-Free Friday Is Almost Here!

Published 11/23/10

The day after Thanksgiving is Fur-Free Friday, when the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. Make your gift-buying between now and Christmas frantic-free and compassionate by using our Shop By Occasion collection to find just the right present for that special someone in your life.

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A Thanksgiving Day Message from Dr. Jane Goodall

Published 11/18/10

Dr. Jane Goodall recently sent a personal note to Born Free USA Chief Executive Officer Will Travers about the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. “Caring for each primate that has been rescued — often from a life of misery — is very important,” said Goodall. “It is also costly. Born Free desperately needs support in order to provide these primates with the kind of lives they need — and deserve.”

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A Little Blog Among Friends

Published 11/12/10

This fall, we streamlined our blog lineup. We now offer three distinct voices, from different locations and perspectives. Senior Program Associate Barry Kent MacKay keeps you posted, in a delightfully detailed way, about Canadian issues. Tim Ajax, who directs the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary, has a crisp and engaging style that lets you virtually mingle with our resident, peacefully retired monkeys. And CEO Will Travers is likely to chirp about almost anything animal-related (and soon he may tweet, too!

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It's Time To Celebrate Our Feathered Friends

National Bird Day 2011 Poised To Take Flight

Published 11/10/10

As far as we’re concerned, the exploitation of exotic birds won’t fly. Every Jan. 5, Born Free USA teams up with the Avian Welfare Coalition to celebrate National Bird Day. We call on activists around the United States to take action on behalf of captive birds — to discourage their sale in stores, to improve standards of care for birds who can’t be returned to the wild, to stop the smuggling and international trade in wild birds, and to do whatever else can be done to leave birds alone, in the wild where they belong.

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Check Out Our Updated Sanctuary Site!

Published 11/04/10

Every so often we like to take a step back to take stock of how we’re doing — not just with the animals in our care but with how we communicate our important message to you, our friends and supporters. After taking a careful look at the Born Free USA Sanctuary website we decided some changes were in order and refocused on what matters most: sharing in the most effective way possible details about our compassionate primate care!

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