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Help the Monkeys on Valentine's Day!

Published 02/04/11

From now through Valentine’s Day, you can “adopt” one of our primates for $52 a year and receive a second adoption for free! Pick one monkey for yourself and another for your loved one; each of you will receive a full adoption packet that includes a photograph and the back story of your adoptee, whether it’s Carly, Grinch, Joey, Khy, Mig or Shawshank. While you’re in a loving mood, please take advantage of our free Valentine’s Day eCard program!

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Tell The Mirage that Dolphin Show’s a Bad Bet

Published 01/28/11

Join us in calling upon The Mirage in Las Vegas to shut down its deadly dolphin exhibit that is part of Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. What The Mirage would like to keep secret is that its dolphin habitat has a nearly 75 percent death rate. Tell top officials at The Mirage and its corporate owner, MGM Resorts, that it’s time to send the dolphins back to the wild and to then drain the pool — forever.

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Ringling's Heartless Abuse of Elephants Must End

Published 01/24/11

After a decade-long legal battle against Feld Entertainment, owner of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, a federal judge ruled at the end of 2009 that animal protection groups, including Born Free USA, would not get a judgment on the merits of the case and dismissed it on procedural grounds. Born Free USA will not stop the fight to end circus cruelty. We are appealing the judge’s decision and we need your help to try to ensure success!

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Let’s Keep the Winning Momentum Going All Year Long!

Published 01/19/11

Due in part to the actions taken by our Action Alert members in Utah, the Beehive State’s wildlife board last month rejected a proposal to let coyote traps be checked only once a week, as opposed to the current law of once every two days. We asked our team members to write to the board in protest of the cruel plan, and our efforts paid off! The board received an overwhelming response from animal advocates condemning the proposal as unethical and inhumane.

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Trapping Laws in Your State: Do They Pass the Test?

Published 01/06/11

Born Free USA’s unprecedented State Trapping Report Card grades each state based on its animal trapping regulations, assessing impacts on animal welfare, wildlife conservation and public safety. See how each state rates – from Hawaii’s A- to Alaska’s and Texas’ F. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make a difference in your state and help enact stricter — and vigorously enforced — trapping laws.

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National Bird Day Is Today!

Published 01/05/11

Nearly 12 percent of the world’s 9,800 bird species face possible extinction this century, and today millions of captive birds lead miserable lives in cages because their keepers fail to understand their unique needs. Born Free USA wants you to take part in the ninth annual National Bird Day celebration by spreading the good word on birds.

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Time’s Running Out to Make a Compassionate Donation for 2010

Published 12/29/10

Saturday is Jan. 1, meaning you have just a few days to make a tax-deductible contribution to Born Free USA for 2010. Please don’t miss this chance to help the animals.

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Happy Holidays from Everyone at Born Free USA

Published 12/22/10

Thank you for saving captive dolphins and enabling their freedom in natural ocean homes. Thank you for helping to expose the barbaric cruelty of wildlife trapping and fur farms. Thank you for beating back attempts to reopen global trade in elephant ivory. Thank you for ensuring that all rescued animals at Born Free USA’s Primate Sanctuary experience a peaceful retirement.

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