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Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week!

Published 06/17/11

At Born Free USA, we work tirelessly to protect wildlife in their natural habitats. Every year, we put a special emphasis on our mission by organizing Keep Wildlife in the Wild Week. This year's "K3W" — our in-house handle for the week, one that's convenient for texting and tweeting, if you want to spread the word among friends! — is our third and runs June 20-24.

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Ask Japan's Leaders to Allow Animal Rescuers into Evacuation Zone

Published 05/27/11

While the Japanese government is scrambling to take care of its people and trying to get the crippled country back on its feet in the wake of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, the animals left behind in the Fukushima evacuation zone are silently enduring unspeakable suffering. You can help by urging Japan's leaders to lift a ban on allowing animal rescue groups into the zone.

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Nominate Your Favorite Pet Supply Store!

Published 05/27/11

Does your favorite pet supply store not sell animals? And does it have other traits that make it especially good for you and your household companions? If so, please then nominate it for Born Free USA's Compassionate Pet Supply Store of the Year award! (Just click on the ribbon image!) The only criteria are that the store cannot sell live animals of any kind, including birds, reptiles or fish, and must be a brick-and-mortar store (not just an online shopping site). Nominations are due by June 30. We will sift through the nominations and present finalists for you to vote on. Two stores — the top vote-getter, plus our staff-chosen favorite — will receive a slew of prizes!

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Welcome to Your Sanctuary Digs, Samantha! (video)

Published 04/22/11

Samantha the snow monkey had been living for more than 20 years in a 5-foot-by-10-foot cage with a heated box in a Kansas backyard, and because her human caretaker is battling serious illness Sam needed a place to live out her remaining days in dignity. So Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary staff member Traci Hanson and her husband, Burl, made the very long drive from Dilley, Texas, to northern Kansas to rescue Samantha. (Watch the video!)

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Protect Bison, Beavers and Our Lovely Planet!

Published 04/14/11

American buffalo, icons of the Wild West, are being persecuted in Yellowstone National Park. More than 660 bison are being held in pens by park management, some with the possibility of being slaughtered.

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Elephant Killer Doesn’t Deserve Your Business

Published 04/07/11

Go Daddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons recently posted a video in which he goes on vacation in Zimbabwe and apparently kills an elephant — and then claimed he is a hero for having done so. Villagers’ crops were saved from being trampled, he said, and by eating the slain beast Africans were getting a much-needed protein boost. It's all absurd. Please join us in boycotting Go Daddy!

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Our Pet Shop Locator's Ready to Hit the Road!

Published 03/31/11

For compassionate shoppers on the go, our Pet Supply Locator keeps your consumer conscience clean — and it’s now specially formatted for your handheld devices! Easily access a database of more than 500 stores nationwide that refuse to sell live animals so you can confidently support retailers that don’t treat animals like merchandise. And there's nothing to download and you don't have do anything extra.

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Don't Let Sea World Hide the Truth

Published 03/16/11

When Sea World Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed last year by Tilicum, the 12,300-pound resident orca, OSHA conducted an investigation and cited Sea World for the willful act of knowingly placing its employees at risk. Sea World is contesting the OSHA findings and has requested a hearing in April — and is asking that the hearing be closed to the public so that records of the case can be sealed. Please send a letter to U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis asking her to intervene with an executive order to make the hearing, and Sea World’s way of doing business, open to the public.

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