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National Bird Day

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Own a Piece of Compassionate fffashion!

Published 10/06/11

Starting Monday, Nov. 7, and through that week, Born Free USA will auction off some of the eco-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories donated for our fffashion L.A. show. This is an excellent opportunity to get great deals on stylish designer clothing and accessories and, at the same time, help Keep Wildlife in the Wild®. All proceeds will support Born Free USA's work to save the lives of fur-bearing animals everywhere. Check out what we will have up for bidding by visiting our auction site.

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'One Lucky Elephant' Screening Oct. 25 Benefits BFUSA

Published 10/03/11

On Tuesday, Oct. 25, in Sacramento, Born Free USA presents a special screening of the moving animal-rights documentary "One Lucky Elephant." Our chief executive officer, Will Travers, will speak before the screening, which is also a fundraiser for our nonprofit organization. Travers will answer questions after the screening. Doors at the Guild Theater (2828 35th St.) open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 6:30 p.m. Buy tickets for $10 general, $8 seniors/students and $5 children. Be among the first 20 people to order tickets online and you will receive a complimentary gift bag valued at $65!

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The Winners (Part II): Wildlife

Published 09/12/11

Congratulations to Betsy Seeton of Taylor Park, Colo., for winning Born Free USA's first Keep Wildlife in the Wild Photo Contest! Her triumph is doubly impressive because she won both the Backyard and Worldwide categories, and as such will receive both first-place prizes — a photo printer and a pair of binoculars.

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Name Our New Baboon!

Published 09/08/11

Monkey the baboon's got a new home: the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. To go with that he needs a new name! Please send us your suggestion of what he should be called, and why, by the end of the day Sunday. We'll then pick our favorite suggestions and present them to you for a vote we'll call Name That Baboon!

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The Winners (Part I): Compassion Is in Fashion

Published 09/02/11

Short for fur free fashion, fffashion is a clothing-design competition that encourages innovative and compassionate designers to submit striking dresses, jackets, coats and couture combinations that are chic — without the "Yeek!" of real fur. Today, Born Free USA proudly announces this year's winners.

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Help Protect All Tigers Under the ESA

Published 08/30/11

Sadly, there are more tigers in captivity in the United States than exist anywhere in the wild — where they belong. And many of the tigers in captivity can be sold, killed or in other ways exploited because of a loophole in the Endangered Species Act. After much pressure, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to close this loophole! Please take a minute today to tell the FWS that you support its proposal to rescind the "generic tiger exemption." The deadline for comments is Wednesday, Sept. 21.

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Voting Ends July 31 on Pet Supply Store Contest

Published 07/15/11

When you walk into a pet store for supplies and see live animals for sale, you think, "Oh no! I can do better than to shop here." Born Free USA wants pet supply stores to cater to animals, not sell them. That's why we have the Pet Supply Locator and this summer are conducting a Compassionate Pet Supply Store of the Year contest!

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Captive Primate Safety Act Introduced in U.S. Senate!

Published 07/06/11

The commercial trade in primates involves tremendous suffering and grave dangers to human health and safety. These innocent animals are often confined in small cages and have their teeth or fingernails extracted. We can’t allow animals to be mutilated in the name of companionship.

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