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It's Time for New York to Protect Sharks

Published 04/09/13

Help reduce the tens of millions of sharks who needlessly die every year by contacting your Assembly member and senator in New York today and urging them to support Assembly Bill 1769a or Senate Bill 1711a, which prohibit the possession, sale, offering for sale, trade or distribution of shark fins.

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Please Help Feed Our Sanctuary's Feline Rescues

Published 03/21/13

Last year we debuted Prairie's Fund, to help us feed the dozens of feral felines people have dropped off (uninvited!) here over the years. Although feeding cats is not our core mission at the sanctuary, we value all lives and these wonderful felines are as deserving of "rescue" as are our 630 primate residents.

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What Do Manatees, Hammerhead Sharks and Rosewood Have in Common?

Published 03/18/13

Born Free USA was there at the 16th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which deliberated in Bangkok for two weeks on some of the most important wildlife conservation issues of our time. We fought to address the rhinoceros and elephant poaching crises, the intensive captive breeding of tigers, commercial logging of endangered tree species, the unsustainable fisheries that consume tens of millions of sharks each year, and so much more.

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Time Is Running Out for Iconic Species

Published 02/28/13

We must stop the slide toward extinction for many of the world's most iconic species. That is the call to action I am taking to the 16th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which starts Sunday and runs through March 14 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Choose Which Monkey's 'Adoptable,' and Jump on Our New Video

Published 02/14/13

Last year, as you know, we rescued more than 100 macaques from the Wild Animal Orphanage. We think three in particular are great candidates for "adoption." Help us pick a winner by casting your vote before March 1!

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Show Some Love ...

Published 02/12/13

Born Free USA is excited to introduce a primate "adoption" program for children! For $39.95, you can adopt Khy — a snow monkey at our Primate Sanctuary in Texas — for that special young person in your life.

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Helping Another Trapped Dog Survive: It's a Great Feeling

Published 01/25/13

Meet our Trapping Victims Fund's newest beneficiary: Tréa, a young black Labrador from Princeton, MN, who late last year was partially mutilated by a snare trap. Born Free USA paid for hundreds of dollars' worth of initial veterinary expenses for Tréa.

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New 'Born Free' Song Funds Animal Protection

Published 01/06/13

The exciting new version of "Born Free," the Academy Award-winning song from the classic 1966 movie of the same name, now is available for downloading in North America on iTunes. Proceeds will benefit our work to protect lions and other wildlife.

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