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Running Wild for Born Free USA

Published 09/20/13

Margaret Green is running for Born Free USA in the 20th Annual Direct Edge Newport Liberty Half Marathon in Jersey City, NJ on September 22!

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Take Action California: Two Hunting Bills Are on Their Way to the Governor

Published 09/18/13

The good news from California just keeps coming! Two important bills have just passed the Senate, and are soon headed to Governor Brown's desk. We've kept him busy with our compassionate bills recently, and our efforts have been successful so far. Now, we need to keep up the momentum!

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Please support the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary

Published 09/17/13

Will you adopt one of the monkeys at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary? Don't worry; no real monkeys will show up on your doorstep! But, Carly, Joey, Khy, Mig, Grinch, and Nala are counting on you.

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Celebrate a Huge Triumph for California Animals!

Published 08/30/13

Born Free USA is very happy to announce that the Trapping Act (AB 789) was signed by Governor Brown yesterday! It bans the most heinous methods of killing wildlife such as drowning, chest-crushing, and injection with chemical solvents such as nail polish remover. It also reduces the size of Conibear traps ("kill trap") on land to decrease the chances of family dogs being inadvertently killed.

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Please Help Joey Recover from Life-Saving Surgery

Published 08/29/13

Will you help us care for Joey in his most delicate time of need?

Joey, a former “pet” macaque, has just undergone emergency surgery to repair a perforated bowel. I am pleased to report that the surgery went well, and that he is now recovering at home — at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. However, his condition remains critical and we are watching his recover y around the clock. Joey, who we also discovered to be diabetic, requires devoted attention, medications, and lots of TLC from our staff to pull him through this difficult time — and we need your help.

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Action Needed on Two CA Animal Bills!

Published 08/26/13

GREAT NEWS from California lawmakers! Two crucial animal welfare bills will be headed to the governor's desk very shortly. With these bills in the home stretch, it's time for you to make sure that Governor Brown hears your voice and sides with the animals!

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Senate Reintroduces Key Primate Bill. Act Now!

Published 08/22/13

There is exciting news for primates coming from the U.S. Senate! Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and David Vitter (R-LA) just reintroduced the Captive Primate Safety Act, S.1463, which will prohibit the interstate commerce of monkeys, apes, and other primates in the exotic "pet" trade. It is a companion to H.R.2856, an identical bill that was recently introduced in the House. We need you to speak out now in support of this crucial piece of legislation.

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Stand Up for Primates in Michigan!

Published 08/21/13

Your ongoing support is needed for a bill that would reduce private primate ownership in Michigan! HB 4300 (Kandrevas, D-13) would add nonhuman primates to the species banned for private ownership, with some exceptions. We asked you to contact your state representative prior to a House vote on this bill back in June, but sadly, certain representatives prevented that vote from occurring. We have another chance now, and need to drum up even more support this time!

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