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New York Residents: Help Ban the Ivory Trade; Shop Compassionately with Vaute Couture!

Published 02/11/14

New York is considered home to the largest ivory market in the U.S., so we must reduce the demand here for bloody ivory. Born Free USA, along with a coalition of other wildlife protection groups, is advocating for the introduction of a bill banning all ivory trade in New York. Please write to your elected officials today, asking them to introduce this crucial legislation.

And, this Friday, February 14, shop with Vaute Couture online and in its New York City store for discounts that benefit Born Free USA--and for the chance to win this coat!

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Newsletter: Stop the Sale of Lion Meat, Save Animals with Compassionate Gifts

Published 02/06/14

Owls and Friends is doing a special month-long benefit for Born Free USA. We will receive 20 percent of all sales for the month of February!

February is Carly’s month to shine at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. We are highlighting her alongside the other monkeys available for adoption.

Remember: Born Free USA has Valentine’s Day gifts with heart!

Please sign this petition urging the FDA to stop approving the sale of lion meat.

In December, Born Free USA asked our members to write letters to Judge John Gleeson, urging him to impose a strict sentence for illegal rhinoceros horn trafficker, Michael Slattery, Jr. On January 10, Mr. Slattery was sentenced.

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Virginia Residents: Stop Cruel Fox Penning in Virginia

Published 02/04/14

Fox penning is a blood sport in which wild animals are ripped to pieces inside an enclosure – and, unfortunately, it’s also legal in Virginia. However, Delegate David Albo (R-Fairfax) has introduced a bill to limit the worst offenders. H.B. 1188 will have a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, February 5. The outcome is uncertain, so committee members need to hear from you now!

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Save Chinoise, the Sick Infant Chimpanzee

Published 01/30/14

Chinoise, an infant chimpanzee, spent the first 13 months of her life tied up at a Chinese restaurant in Douala, Cameroon, used as a photo “prop” when she wasn’t abandoned and all alone.

Upon learning of her terrible situation, a strong community of animal protection organizations sprang into action. The Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, supported by Born Free, agreed to accept the orphan. Now, Born Free USA needs your help to raise the funds for her care. Will you make a donation today to provide Chinoise with milk, bottles, and the medications she needs?

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Nebraska Residents: Help Nebraska Shark Fin Bill Swim Through Legislature

Published 01/28/14

L.B. 921, introduced by Senator Jeremy Nordquist (Non-partisan – 7), would outlaw the commercialization and ownership of shark fins in Nebraska. It is scheduled to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee this Friday, January 31, so we need you to speak out now in support of this crucial bill.

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Born Free USA Offers Gifts with a Heart

Published 01/24/14

Show your affection for the special people in your life on Valentine's Day through Born Free USA.

Born Free USA offers gifts with a heart... and each purchase will also represent a gift for the animals we protect! Sure, give flowers and wine! But most of all, give the gift of compassion.

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Bears Suffering in Captivity Need Your Help!

Published 01/16/14

We often share stories of the miserable conditions animals endure in roadside zoos – and now we have the chance to help bears trapped in this deplorable situation. A petition has been filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to require better treatment of bears in captivity, and they are accepting public comments from now until January 27, 2014. Please write today.

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Become a Born Free USA Member in 2014

Published 01/07/14

Please join us in making this world a safer place for wildlife with a Born Free USA Membership. When you become a Member, you join tens of thousands of other compassionate individuals who are committed to making a difference for animals in need. With your Membership, you receive an exclusive ‘Elsa the lioness’ lapel pin, a Membership certificate, a subscription to our bi-annual Animal Issues Digest magazine – plus the knowledge that you are helping to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

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