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Undercover Investigation of Pet Shops Launches New API Campaign

Published 11/09/05

Our major new campaign, Little Shops of Sorrows, spotlights the results of API’s first-of-its-kind undercover investigation into the plight of animals in pet shops.

API’s investigation looked at more than 60 pet shops in California and found:

  • Animals suffering from illness, injury, and neglect.
  • Animals living in filthy, overcrowded cages.
  • Animals denied needed veterinary care.
  • Animals showing serious signs of psychological distress.
  • Animals literally warehoused by the dozens in tiny plastic boxes.
  • And more widespread and serious animal suffering.

“We were shocked by what we found in this investigation: illness, injury, neglect and horribly substandard care,” says Michelle Thew, API’s Chief Executive Officer. “What is more shocking is that these conditions exist in stores that are open to the public at a time when consumer complaints about pet shops are already off the charts. If the industry thinks this is acceptable to show the public, one wonders what goes on behind the scenes.”

API’s new Little Shops of Sorrows campaign shines a light on the true — and truly appalling — practices of pet shops that sell animals. With the help of compassionate consumers and lawmakers, we aim to change the way these stores do business and to protect animals caught up in the cruel pet trade.

API’s undercover investigation was featured on San Francisco’s Channel 7 KGO-TV. You can go to KGO-TV’s website to read or see the news story.

You Can Help

API offers further resources and information on our Little Shops of Sorrows campaign page, as well as what you can do to send a message to the pet trade that animals should not pay for industry profit with their lives.

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