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Born Free USA Releases Shocking "Out of Africa" Report

Published 08/27/14

The elephant poaching crisis rages on—and African elephants are unlikely to sustain this rate of slaughter. Today, it is estimated that there are between 434,000 and 684,000 African elephants, although the real figure may be lower. In the case of the Asian elephant, the situation is much worse, with approximately 30,000 remaining. (Again, this is an estimate, and the true figure could be significantly lower.) On August 27, Born Free USA and data analysts at C4ADS released a new groundbreaking report, Out of Africa: Mapping the Global Trade in Illicit Elephant Ivory, which focuses on the ivory supply chain and the trafficking of ivory from the bush in Africa to retail markets in Asia. If we can close down the transit routes that bring ivory to East Asian markets, we can save the elephants. Born Free USA will utilize this cutting-edge report to ensure the protection of African elephants for generations to come.

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