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A Letter to You from Virginia McKenna

Published 02/12/13

The following was written by Virginia McKenna, star of the iconic movie “Born Free” and a co-founder of Born Free.

Being given a second chance in life is rare. But this is the happy fate for more than 600 primates at Born Free USA’s sanctuary. Most of the animals have been rescued from lives of misery and pain and solitude, but now they can make friends, walk on the earth, climb trees and, above all, be cared for with love and compassion.

They may not be, in our eyes, charismatic animals like tigers, bears, lions and elephants, but they too have beating hearts, feel pain, grief, loss, joy and all the emotions we humans feel. They deserve all the kindness and care we can give them. Will you help us?

As you will realize, more than 600 animals is quite a crowd! A huge responsibility. But they are all individuals and, as such, deserve nothing but the best.

The way you could help us is very personal as you can “adopt” one of the monkeys — there are five currently in the adoption program. You can see their photos and read their stories on the Born Free USA website.

I do hope you will find it in your heart to help one of them this year — you could perhaps spread the news of their story by giving the adoption as a present.

From my personal experience and involvement in Born Free’s work over many years, I have found the rescue of an individual at its very heart.

Thank you very much for reading this, and I send you my warmest wishes.

Virginia McKenna, OBE

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