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Born Free USA Makes the Big Leagues

Published 07/01/12

When the Texas Rangers hosted the Oakland Athletics on Sunday evening in Arlington, TX, we were there — making a Jumbotron-size video pitch for support in the Lone Star State! About four years ago, Rangers pitching legend and co-owner Nolan Ryan talked onstage about having once been an "ambassador" for the snow monkeys who were living in what is now the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary. His dry recitation of what happened had the audience (or at least the two radio personalities who were interviewing Ryan) howling with laughter, and audio of the exchange attracted so much attention that Sunday's game was declared to be "Nolan Ryan Snow Monkey Day" at the ballpark.

If you attended the game and saw our pregame pitch, please let us know how our video was received! If you couldn't be there in person to cheer on the monkeys, you can hit a home run for them by making a donation: $15 (about the cost of an grandstand seat) buys them a box of bananas and for $52 (about the cost of a corner box) you can "adopt" a primate for a full year.

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