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Our Sanctuary Welcomes a Rescued Macaque! (Video)

Published 01/26/12

The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary has welcomed a macaque! He had been found living in horrendous conditions (see how bad by watching this
53-second video, and then compare it with this 13-second video of our Primate Sanctuary!) at a roadside zoo in Mississippi after an undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States revealed serious animal welfare issues there. The macaque, as yet unnamed, was taken from the zoo on Jan. 25 and on the next day arrived at our 186-acre sanctuary in south Texas. According to Sanctuary Director Tim Ajax:

"He is behaving and posturing normally and displayed an excellent appetite as he dove into a banana, romaine lettuce and some sweet grapes. We will let him settle in for a couple of days to allow him get used to some of the sights and sounds and for us to get used to his behavior and preferences. Then we will transfer him to his outdoor adjustment enclosure where he can touch grass, hear the birds and see other monkeys. A new journey has begun …”

See the Mississippi macaque’s photo gallery, which now includes three pictures of him eating lettuce today at the sanctuary! Stay tuned for more updates by visiting our Primate Rescues pages and please consider helping out by donating to our Rescue & Rehabilitation Fund.

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