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Put the Fur Industry Out of Its (and the Animals') Misery

Published 01/20/12

You would never force an animal to live in a cramped, barren cage suspended over her own waste. But hundreds of thousands of animals on “fur farms” are forced to endure such unconscionable misery while awaiting their grim fate. While many European countries have banned or severely restricted fur farming, the United States has largely turned a blind eye to this barbaric industry. You can help by signing our petition that asks upscale Barneys New York to stop selling fur and, if you live in one of the "dirty dozen" fur farm states, by contacting your elected officials. Born Free USA’s groundbreaking report “Cruelty Uncaged: A Review of Fur Farming in North America” revealed that, in addition to the inherently cruel conditions mink, fox and even bobcats suffer, the farms also place native wildlife at risk and are sources of environmental pollution.

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