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Born Free USA urges the “Darth Vader of Dolphins” to leave the Dark Side

Published 04/02/10

Born Free USA applauds the recent announcement by notorious dolphin trader Chris Porter that he will stop capturing and trading dolphins and that he plans to release his remaining 17 dolphins back to the wild.

According to Porter, he is known as the “Darth Vader of dolphins,” having captured and sold more than 83 dolphins to aquaria around the world, a moniker that will surely change soon if he keeps his word.

“I hope Mr. Porter truly has had a change of heart and will now become a staunch advocate of keeping wildlife in the wild,” says Monica Engebretson, Senior Program Associate of Born Free USA.

“Forcing dolphins to live in environments that deprive them of their natural behaviors is not real conservation, educational, or humane. The most important conservation message that people need to learn is how to value these animals without turning them into commodities,” notes Engebretson.

Born Free USA has a long history of advocating against the use of marine mammals in captive displays and swim with dolphin programs. Most recently, Born Free USA took the lead in opposing the import permit for 2 additional dolphins for the Mirage casino in Las Vegas and cast a spotlight on the Mirage’s near-75% dolphin death rate as well as the inherent cruelty of keeping dolphins in captivity.

Dolphin trader has a change of heart, decides to set them free
Judith Lavoie
The Vancouver Sun

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