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Remembering Ken Guerrero

From Animal Issues, Volume 40 Number 1, Spring 2009

Published 03/16/09
By Susan Lock, Board of Directors

Ken Guerrero, who devoted most of his life to making the world a better place for animals, died on February 10, 2009. He was 84.

In 1968, Ken and a small group of friends founded the Animal Protection Institute (the precursor to this present organization), one of just a handful of national humane organizations then in existence. Ken worked for animals as a volunteer, giving generously of his time and energy, seeing API through many campaigns and many financially challenging years. He was there as API helped the Canadian government appreciate the tremendous international outcry against the clubbing of harp seals; as we worked on a federal anti-trapping bill and helped pass legislation that protected wild horses and burros on public lands from slaughter; and as we joined other organizations seeking an end to whaling.

Ken was not one to walk away from a cause. His philosophy was “If it will help animals, let’s do it.” He was a pioneer who saw the animal rights movement grow to encompass wild horses, wildlife, marine mammals, performing animals, and birds, as well as cats, dogs, and livestock.

Ken served as Chairman of the Board for more than 25 years. When his battle with lymphoma reached the point where travel became difficult, he became Chairman Emeritus and maintained his continued interest in API (now Born Free USA)’s progress.

As we say goodbye, we salute his spirit and determination, and we extend our sympathy to his family and friends.

To honor Ken’s legacy, contributions in his memory may be made to Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute.

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